Billy Roh is a designer at Opendoor. He helps organize WaffleJS in his spare time.


Learning through Art: An Introduction to VR

Virtual reality can be dauntingโ€”itโ€™s unclear what you can do with it and itโ€™s hard to know where to even start. Iโ€™ll introduce you to fundamental VR concepts by re-creating an interactive installation art piece by Yayoi Kusama in A-Frame, a VR web framework. So you can try it out at home, Iโ€™ll also walk you through the ecosystem of VR libraries and affordable hardware thatโ€™s currently out there.

Albers as a Millennial

What kind of art would Josef and Anni Albers have made if they were millennials? Come learn about how to make generative interactive art with the magic of JavaScript. The audience will learn about applying colour theory with HSL, composing and generating your own patterns with SVG, and creating a sense of depth with motion and interaction.